There Will Always Be Plenty of Flak.

Hey! Glad you’re here. Welcome to Plenty of Flak.

So, if I were to guess, you’ve experienced some tough times.

I know, I know, understatement of the year, right?

That’s okay. I understand.

You know what though?

All that tough stuff? It can make us stronger. Like, insanely strong.

Even if you’re feeling pretty good right now, I guarantee that you can feel even better.

When we bring regulation back to our nervous system (very few people these days are totally regulated) we will become more resilient, powerful, and productive than we’ve ever imagined possible!

When our trauma (even if it feels minor, it affects you!) is properly processed, we can build capacity for stress and find solutions to life’s problems.

If someone had told me this ten years ago, I would have told them that they were full of shit.

I had to learn how to heal, the hard way.

I spent a lot of time in the weeds, figuring out how to survive and get myself back to really living again.

The time has come for me to share what I’ve learned.

If you’re struggling to find solutions to anxiety, trauma, unexplained and chronic illness, procrastination, emotional issues, etc …

Let me save you some time, money, and energy.

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You can expect; actionable advice, insights, and the best FREE resources on; nervous system regulation, anxiety, CPTSD, chronic illness, single parenting, divorce, and SSRI addiction.

(Wow. That sounds like a super-fun list eh? Don’t worry, there will be light and humour as well.)

It’s all about withstanding the flak that life throws our way.

We will always have difficult things to deal with, so we might as well get good at dealing with them.

I can help you.

Sound good?

Okay, I’ll meet you in the weeds.