Welcome to Plenty of Flak.

Hi, I’m Laina and Plenty of Flak is my brand. 

So, what about me? A proud Gen X’er, I have never grown out of my love for 80s and 90s rock, well-placed sarcasm, and the pragmatism of my generation.

I have been through years of tough times and have managed to make it to the other side of things.

I guess you could call me a tenacity engineer, a lucky recipient of an ancestral gift the Finnish call Sisu.

Now, I write about resilience and teach others how to build mental strength through telling their stories. 

I help people recognize the beauty and lessons that are interwoven with their life experiences and show them ways they can get their stories out in the open (even if it’s just for their eyes only), where they can better serve them.

I believe that nothing should keep us from taking pride in our stories and drawing strength from our experiences. We are often more resilient than we give ourselves credit for!

As a former sufferer of debilitating anxiety and chronic illness, I understand only too well, the connection between our capacity to deal with life’s hardships and the burden of an unsung story.

Without expression, our stories settle in and burrow into our very being. The memories live in our nervous system, our tissues our cells. If they aren’t processed, acknowledged, and expressed, they can do a lot of harm stuck in there.

This may sound very woo-woo, but I assure you, there is backing by (real) science and after decades of learning, I am confident when I point my finger to this inexpression as the source of much dis-ease.

Every day, I gain resilience and regulation through listening to my body, while releasing and honouring my story.

I love imagining what the world would look like if we all operated at our most regulated and capable selves. Being alive would be such a pleasure!

Join me as I continue to grow my resilience and help others do the same.