Do YouTube Hypnosis Videos Work?

As a life-long anxiety sufferer, I have visited countless professionals and spent thousands of dollars looking for relief for my various symptoms. Frustrated and broke, it wasn’t until I discovered a hypnosis video on YouTube for my anxious teeth grinding, that I realized there was unlimited, free, effective help, right at my finger tips.

Recorded hypnosis sessions such as those found on YouTube can be very effective at alleviating anxiety and other challenges. If created by a certified hypnotist, these recordings can work just as well in-person sessions for common concerns.

I have attended in-person hypnosis sessions with a certified hypnotist in the past and I must say, by way of comparison, I much prefer the sessions offered on YouTube. Specifically those created by Michael Sealey.

I have been using his sleep hypnosis videos nightly for almost three years now. It took a bit of time, but my anxiety symptoms have improved dramatically. 

My YouTube hypnosis journey began when I decided I’d had enough of wearing a mouthguard to bed. I’d been wearing the pinchy, cumbersome things for years and finally just said, forget it.

I needed to figure out a way to stop relying on the guards, which protected my teeth but actually caused me to clench my jaw more. So much so, that some mornings I could barely move my face.

Now that the guard was out, I knew attending expensive, inconvenient in-person hypnosis or even massage therapy sessions were not an option for me. 

YouTube hypnosis offered another option.

So, onto google I went and up came lots of info on teeth grinding and reprogramming your subconscious mind through hypnosis as a way to stop it and other anxious behaviours.

With an open mind, I decided to give it a try and after briefly poking around YouTube, I came across many different hypnosis channels, including Michael Sealey’s. 

After trying out a few, I was disappointed. I didn’t like the voices I was hearing. Too annoying, too nasal, too creepy. When you’re falling asleep to a stranger murmuring in your ear, you should at least be comfortable with how they sound.

Then I tried Michael and he was perfection. His voice is calming without being cheesy, and he speaks at just the right speed and volume.

Michael is an Australian actor who is certified in Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy. With 1.22 million subscribers on YouTube, clearly I’m not the only one who thinks this guy is the bomb.

Here are some actual comments from his YouTube Channel;

“… and I cannot recommend this highly enough for anyone suffering from jaw clenching / teeth grinding.  I know how distressing and painful it can be, so please… just give this a try!”

“This is my “go to” relaxation track.  My teeth grinding gives me bad headaches and this meditation really helps me relax and get some rest.  I also love the ones for pain and healing. Thanks for what you do, I am so happy I found you.”

“Hey, this video helped me a lot to reduce my jaw clenching and teeth grinding during the night, but it also had the side effect of greatly reducing not only jaw clenching, but also all my other nervous habits during the day as well (lip gnawing, picking at my fingers/nails).”

All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis.

Michael explains that he acts as a guide for the listener, so that they may access their own powerful ability to change their mindset, deep seated beliefs and behaviours. 

“The subconscious (a.k.a. the unconscious mind) is where we store many core beliefs about our own identities. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy allows a better communication with our deeper beliefs, so that we may expand our personal choices, and positively change the sometimes unwanted ‘stories’ we often hold onto for too long within ourselves. In this way, a deep healing and personal transformation can take place.”

Michael Sealey

Yup. I am 100% a believer. Here is the video I used every night for a year and continue to use occasionally if I feel tension building in my jaw.

The goal of the recording is for the listener to “allow their unconscious self to create powerful and permanent solutions towards overcoming jaw and mouth joint stress, insomnia, tension and over-thinking.”

Just what I was looking for. A permanent solution. It seems to have worked as neither I or my dentist can find any signs of further grinding damage since I’ve ditched the mouth guards in favour of YouTube hypnosis.

Of course, there are instances where in-person hypnosis is preferable. According to an article by Barry St. John, comparing live and recorded hypnosis, there are a few areas where in-person sessions are preferable.

These include: situations involving obscure conditions, a need for personal interaction or a desire to find the exact, root causes of the issue. In these cases, the therapist needs to get to know the person and tailor the session to their unique needs and goals, something that a recording can’t provide, obviously.

He does stress that there is no need to choose between in-person and recorded sessions and that the two can be beneficial whether used together or on their own.

Keeping in mind the logistical and financial restrictions many of us face currently, YouTube recordings may be the best, most viable option. 

Since my teeth grinding days, I have used several of Michael’s other videos to relax, work on my issues around abundance and self-confidence and other things that I would like to improve upon. I can’t imagine life without this most valuable, accessible tool.

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